The Tsinghua China Law Review, ISSN: 2151-8904 (cite as Tsinghua China L. Rev.), is the first law student-run, English-language journal of legal scholarship published by a mainland Chinese university. Established in the Fall of 2008, the Tsinghua China Law Review is dedicated to advancing the global academic discussion of all issues relating to China’s law, legal economy, and society. The unique scope of scholarship published by the journal promotes a greater understanding and a critical examination of the issues impacting Chinese law — a genre that is currently underserved in legal academia. The Tsinghua China Law Review also acts as a conduit for ideas to flow through Tsinghua Law School to the world, contributing to the university’s development as a leading institution for the study of law.


The Tsinghua China Law Review strives to disseminate legal authorship by law professors and students, legal practitioners, social scientists, economists, and other graduate students to increase awareness of legal issues impacting China. The journal publishes scholarly articles, and notes by leading authors on China on a bi-annual basis. Although the first volume contained a single issue, since 2009, each volume has had two issues. All pieces are contributed by both student scholars and leading authorities in their research fields.


The Tsinghua China Law Review thanks the Tsinghua University Humanities and Social Sciences Development Initiative [清华大学文科建设”双高”计划] for its generous financial support of this journal.

The Tsinghua China Law Review has a proud tradition of dedicated editors.